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Software Development

Software plays a critical role in virtually all forms of business today. The challenge most small businesses face is a lack of available IT resources to be able to either create software in-house, or even manage an outsourced project.

Our staff can help you design and build custom software for internal use or for sale. We have experience building many types of software for all types of clients. This includes Windows form applications, web based applications and automation scripts.

Outsourcing is another great way to maintain your focus on that which you do best, while benefiting from the experience of an expert in the outsourcing field. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for most people to know when an outsourcer is either knowingly or inadvertently driving up the cost of your software development project.

This is where you need someone to manage the project who can keep costs low, ensure deadlines stay on target, and facilitate communications. eQueos has knowledgeable and trustworthy staff that can help your business through the entire software development life cycle while you concentrate on your business and customers.

    We don't believe in quick fixes or the cookie-cutter approach because your business is unique, just like ours.


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