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Website Development

Without a website, no business can attain its peak performance. Reaching customers online is no longer an option, it is an absolute requirement. Customers look to your website to learn about your business, find general information, comparison shop, and so much more. Without a strong web presence, you'll simply lose business to the competition.

Fortunately, maintaining your website doesn't have to be difficult anymore. With dynamic content driven directly from a database, and the tools needed to get the information into that database, keeping your website up-to-date and full of fresh content is a snap.

We can custom design an end-to-end solution for your specific needs. Utilize our experience to get a leg up on your competitors and reach a wider demographic through the power of the Internet. If you can type words into a document, you have all the skills needed to manage your site content through our custom website solutions.

Streaming Video

eQueos has experience building and deploying web based streaming video solutions. We have built solutions for both live and on demand video using the Microsoft windows media platform. Our experience includes cross platform support, security/digital rights management, and the new silverlight platform.

Search Engine Optimization

More and more customers are looking to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN to find local businesses and services. Businesses are moving away from spending their entire advertising budgets on television and print media, and moving those resources aggressively to online options..

Anyone not actively pursuing a search engine optimization campaign is almost certainly missing out on business that their competitors are scooping up. Unless a customer can find your site quickly you will miss out on the potential landslide of revenue from customers looking for your services online.

We are experts in SEO and can help you to outrank your competitors so that customers see you first, giving you the best possible chance to make the sale.

    We don't believe in quick fixes or the cookie-cutter approach because your business is unique, just like ours.


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